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We Need Soles for Feet

There are so many children who go without the basic necessities for life and shoes are one of them. Having no shoes can cause a lot of difficulty in a child's life such being susceptible to diseases, not being able to go to school and being bullied by other children because they don't have a decent pair of shoes. Having no shoes could cause a child to be vulnerable to

hookworms, fleas and other parasites that enter through the feet. A little girl who had developed itchy, painful brown-colored papules on the bottom of her feet was actually suffering from a parasitic sand flea infestation.

Statistics show for the third year in a row, 15.6% of all City of San Diego residents (212,994)

Over 23,000 students are homeless.

lived below the federal poverty threshold. Poverty rates remain higher than the pre-recession rate of 12.1% in 2007.

All 269,068 households in the county headed by people under the age of 65 have incomes too low to cover basic expenses, according to the report.

Even the new data show more than 23,800 students were homeless last year in San Diego County — a record high and a 4.7 percent increase over the previous year. Not everybody can afford or have the ability to move to another state. It can be very hard for parents to provide the basic necessities for their children.

How We Make a Difference, So many children may have never had a pair of new shoes for

She was able to choose the pair of shoes she wanted for herself.

school, or they may have to share a pair of worn shoes with siblings. Shoe Drive Worldwide put their heart into making a difference for children who may never wore a pair of properly fitting shoes. We partner with local small businesses, community members and other organizations to provide new closed toe shoes and socks to children in need. Our community monetary and volunteer support allows us to host a shoe distribution event in August right before the new school year, the number of children assisted via our events is determined by a variety of sponsorship support. It is our goal to alleviate this simple burden for parents, the child and the children who have no support. We want to make sure no child is bullied by making sure no child is wearing shoes that are inappropriate.

We are collecting new closed toe shoes and socks from May until August in order to give to children going back to school to start the new school year off with confidence and happy.

If you are interested in showing support, volunteer or have questions please email or you can donate to


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