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We Are Going Into a New Direction

Yes, You read it right, we have finally decided to take a new route after 5 years of donating shoes to children and those in need we will be going into a new direction.

The new direction will open more doors, help us grow to help more people along with continuing to build Shoe Drive Worldwide foundation. Our Excitement is all over the place and with the new year here we will make all our goals happen.

Are you ready to hear the news ? Can't hear you? Oh darn I am typing so, of course your cant hear me. Well here is the first good news we will be doing more than just donating shoes, we will be donating shoes, socks, and items for the winter. We will also be selling new shoes yes your read that right we will be selling not only shoes but socks and other necessities on our website this will give you the ability to purchase shoes for yourself, a friend, family member, or someone you know who maybe in need.

Once you are ready to donate you can make a purchase from our website and the item will be mailed to our donation center for free, Isn't that awesome? No more having to stop what you are doing or go shopping to find what you need to donate it is all right here on our website! Shoe Drive Worldwide will also be partnering with different businesses such as Amazon and Home Depot who will offer great discounts you can choose and buy from.

We have more good news! We will be having one to four events a year which will give us the opportunity to help more people and with every pair of shoes given we will give a pair of socks also.

Now for the best news of all! This one is my favorite and I cannot wait til it all come together and we can start pulling up in your state.

We are writing the plans out for our new shoe mobile bus yes that is right we will be purchasing a bus and transforming it into a shoe mobile bus to assist us in reaching more people in need in different areas and states.

We are very excited with the growth of Shoe Drive Worldwide and we thank everyone who cheer us on, support us and volunteer to keep Shoe Drive Worldwide pushing forward.

Now don't forget to check out our website

like us on IG, FB, and subscribe to us on Youtube to stay in the loop on what's happening with us and watch us grow.

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