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Stepp'n N2 Shoes Success

On August 18th The 2018 Shoe Drive was a great success, the excitement on the faces of the children was priceless. We gave out over 400 pair of new shoes to children in need who left with smiles and the shoes of their choice.

There were many people who helped us make this happen and we THANK YOU for making a difference in our community and ALWAYS putting your best "foot" forward to work together and make sure our children have what they need for school. 

People like Terri Story, Theresa Stewart, Jackie Edwards, Franklin Taylor, Nee Nee Allen, Paul Stephens, Aj The Barber and so many others in the community reached out and made sure we had shoes for the children.

All the different businesses that came together and donated WOW we are in awe of your support. We love you for all your support  New Paradise Baptist Church, The Progressive Baptist District Association of San Diego, PA Healthcare, World Famous Imperial Barbershop, Zappos, Fresh Soil Mentoring & Transition Center, Intrakit Barbershop, Emerald Transportation Services, Encanto Recreation Center, 100 Strong, American Life Insurance and many more. Shoe Drive WorldWide is forever grateful for all the love.

Each year it our goal to give new shoes to children heading back to school for the new school year and we are very happy you yes you believe in what we are doing for the children. Our ultimate goal is to one day be able to help children and people around the world as our motto say " Help Us to Help Others" is a rewarding experience in lending a helping hand.

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