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Stepp'n N2 Shoes 2020

Stepp'n N2 Shoes 2020 Shoe Drive Event is coming and we are excited and happy to be able to host our 6th annual shoe drive. This year is more exciting because we will be sharing some exciting news in the months to come.

Each year starting April 10th we collect new closed toe shoes for the youth K-12th grade and

we distributed them right before the first day of school, this year will be a little different due to the COVID-19 Virus. As we make a few adjustments and continue to move forward with collecting new shoes for the kids we will stay updated on all important precautions pertaining to the virus.

What's exciting about this year is we will be helping more children in need, honoring three people who were hero's in the eyes of a lot of youth and expand the areas in which we donate shoes. This is why more than ever we need your help in making sure each child we help receive a pair of new closed toe shoes and a pair of new socks for school. For the last five years we have donated at least 5,000 pair of new shoes to children in the community of South East San Diego which we will continue to do, we would also like to reach other children in need in other areas also in El Paso, Texas and Atlanta Georgia.

SDWW will be donating new shoes to children at the 59th Street Elementary School in Crenshaw, Los Angeles in remembrance of Nipsey Hussle aka Ermias Joseph Asghedom, Last year, Nipsey partnered with sneaker brand Puma to donate$10,000 to 59th Street Elementary school in South L.A and refurbish the school's basketball court. Nipsey also gifted a pair of new shoes to each of the school's students.

Two other people we will be honoring is Kobe Bryant and his daughter Giannini Bryant who lost their lives in a helicopter crash earlier this year. Both of them were an inspiration to a lot of the youth in Los Angeles, California.

There are so many children who may have never had a pair of new shoes and we want to change that. Our overall goal is to keep children healthy and in school. Giving children shoes is a prevention strategy, especially in the context of ongoing solutions to not catching foot diseases such as foot worms, fungal toe nail infection, plantar warts and, pitted keratolysis which is smelly feet. This can lead to children being embarrassed or bullied to no fault of their own.

If you would like to donate a pair of new socks and closed toe shoes go ahead Click Here or you can purchase a pair from our store and have them shipped to our warehouse at P.O. Box 742146 San Diego, California 92174

Know when giving a child a pair of shoes we give them the choice to choose whichever pair of shoes they would like which empowers them to make choices for themselves.

We thank you for your support no matter how big or small, we appreciate you.

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