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Stepp'n N2 Shoes 2017 Shoe Drive

This year Stepp'n N2 Shoes shoe drive was a great success getting a donation of ten thousand dollars from a private donor and giving out almost 1500 pair of shoes. The children were happy and excited to get a new pair of shoes for school which we gave out on August 19,2017 at Walter Porter Elementary School.

Walter J. Porter a father, a husband and San Diego Unified School District Dean for the San Diego Community College District. In 2003, The community of Southeast San Diego was blessed not only to have one school named after Walter J. Porter but the former Kennedy Elementary School was also rebuilt named after Mr. Porter, they are both one school but they are called the North and South Campus. His daughter Yvette Porter Moore made this happen in honor of her dad Mr. Walter J Porter. We were happy to be able support the students at Walter J Porter elementary school.

The goal of Shoe Drive World Wide is to make sure children throughout The United States have shoes on their feet, having shoes builds confidence and self-esteem, it also protects their feet from diseases and parasites. Statistics report that more than 1.5 million children feet are affected with diseases due to no shoes. If you would like to help go to our donation page and choose how you would like to support our Shoe Drive events.

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