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Shoe Drive Worldwide 2020

In less than 12 days it will be 2020, people will make all type of goals, start new traditions, make new plans and go in different directions. Shoe Drive Worldwide will also be making a few changes but we will never stop helping others who need a extra push, a little help or resources to get them to the next level in life.

As the universe change daily, monthly and yearly we as humans need to make changes in our lives also whether it's to to make changes, stop negative behaviors or bring new life into our atmosphere we can make it happen.

Shoe Drive Worldwide is known for donating new shoes to children in school who may otherwise not have a pair of new shoes when school starts. 2020 we are stepping out of our comfort zone and will be trying a few new things that will be able to reach more people and assist those in need.

We are looking to build a bigger platform, connect with others to build relationships, engage more on social media in order to connect with those who need our services and our biggest new change is we will be selling shoes at affordable prices and 25% of the proceeds will go towards purchasing new shoes and other necessary items to be given to children, veterans, disabled senior citizens and the homeless population.

I bet you are ready to hear what we will be rolling out for the year 2020, well first we are looking for ambitious people to join our team we need influencers, volunteers, sponsors and people who like helping others.

Second, we will be partnering with Amazon to offer great deals on a variety of everyday products that you can purchase through our website. Third, we will be having more events to serve the people in our communities like our Pay It Forward Program, Shoes for Seniors on Deck, Shoes for Veterans, we will be growing our Stepp'n N2 Shoes Program and for every pair of shoes give out we will be giving a pair of socks also.

Our biggest accomplishment Shoe Drive Worldwide will be looking to do this year is put a plan in a place to acquire a Shoe Mobile Bus in order to reach more people and children. On this bus we will be able to have plenty shoes of all sizes, socks, blankets and other necessary items, we will be able to pull up and have events to give out any type of items we collect.

There you have it, I have put Shoe Drive Worldwide 2020 goals out there and we want to make them all happen with the support of the community and we will make it happen for the community.

Thank You,

Shoe Drive Worldwide


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