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Happy New Year 2021!

What a year a difference can make, 2020 has taught us a lot about ourselves, people in our lives and around us.

Many hardships took place we have lost friends, family, homes, and jobs. Covid-19 came in like a thief in the night and changed how we live, how we connect with others, and how we make our next moves. We now have to stay in indoors, wear masks and social distances from people and the ones we love, we have lost many people who are dear to us or didn't know them until they came across the television. 2020 has divided our nation into many different pieces and now we are into 2021 trying to heal.

Shoe Drive worldwide did not let covid stop us from coming together to help those in need, because we know in order for us to survive and thrive we have to make tomorrow better for everyone.

Our team came together and made it happen and we were able to give more than shoes this year, we gave out toiletries, shoes, school supplies, backpacks, and lunches.

Thank you to our team Fresh Soil Mentoring, The World Famous Imperial Barbershop, the Black Lowrider Association and the community members who came together made sure we had what we needed to help others.

We look forward to Shoe Drive Worldwide 2021 Shoe Drive Event to be awesome like all of our events.

If you would like to volunteer or sponsor 2021 Shoe Drive Worldwide Shoe Drive Event you can reach us at

Enjoy 2021

Olivia D

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