Brilan Craft Soaps

Shoe Drive World Wide is excited about the new relationships we are building with different companies and businesses to join us in our campaign " Help Us to Help Others". 

We are partnering up with Brilan Craft Soaps in order to help others, they will provide soap bars and lotion to go in our toiletry bags for those in need during our Winter Donations for The Homeless and Hurricane Victims event which take place during the months of November December, January, and February. It is with great love to have them on board with us.

Briana and Elan are the owners of Brilan Craft Soaps. They are young entrepreneurs who are merging on the scene to becoming a booming soap business making homemade bar soaps with essential oils and organic exfoliants, to help promote healthy skin. The soap bars are long lasting and have strong scents that last throughout the day.

Brilan Craft Soaps carry over twenty different lovely scents you can choose from.  Such as Blue Cheesecake, Pure Lavender Bar, Sandalwood Bar and Frankincense Bar. All soaps are glycerins based with essential oils and they come in 4 or 6 oz sizes. They smell beautiful, laver up real well and last a long time and they come in both men and women scents.

We will be offering these soaps in our toiletry bags for those who are homeless or have been affected by tragedy or you can purchase them for yourself also they will be available on the website.

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