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Being a diabetic can affect your feet and legs, especially in the winter time

As a diabetic you will experience reduced blood flow to the lower extremities and the cold

weather can make it more difficult and painful. Some will also experience decreased sensation which make it more difficult to to know what is going on with their feet. Even wearing high heels and narrow shoes can be a problem for feet as a diabetic.

It is very important for someone who have diabetes to protect there feet by making sure they have proper winter shoes, clean dry cotton socks to reduce irritation and injuries. Walking barefoot can also be very detrimental to the feet in which you should have a good pair of slippers also to protect them even at home.

Here are a few tips to get you thru the winter when it comes to protecting your legs and feet.

1. Use a moisturizing lotion to exfoliate rough skin and keep it keep it from cracking.

2. When clipping toe nails soak them in warm water first for a few minutes to become soft and prevent hard nails from splitting and leading to problems.

3. Exercise is very important to keep the blood flowing and reduce the havoc of extra weight on your feet and lowers your blood glucose levels.

4. Check your feet daily and pay attention to any changes such as swelling, cuts, infected toe nails and the shape of your feet and toes.

5 If a sore develop and it don't heal in a few days or you loose feeling in your legs and feet you need to contact a doctor.

It is very important as a diabetic to have proper foot care to protect your legs and feet, have a good podiatrist and orthopedic doctor, wear the proper shoes and socks. Consult your doctor to get a shoe & sock assessment and fitting when choosing shoes and socks especially during the winter time, you might want to choose socks that are expandable and breathable, shoes that are wide with a lot of room by doing these few extra steps will keep you mobile, walking properly and in less pain.


Shoe Drive Worldwide would like to thank everyone who take the time to read and share our information. Our goal is to share content that will assist anyone's lifestyle to become a little easier, our motto is Help Us Help Others!

Disclaimer: We are not doctors and we do not give medical advice, we do our research and share important information that could be helpful.

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