Nipsey Hussle Becoming a World Icon after Death

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

We all want to be remembered for the hearts we touch and the people who change because they were given a chance. Nipsey Hussle touched a lot of hearts and he gave a lot people a second chance at life by what he stood for in his life.

He grew up in South Los Angeles and attend 59th Street Elementary School, he walked, played and hussled on the streets of Crenshaw and Slauson, he was a normal young man who had a passion to set a different tone in the community he lived in. Nipsey knew sustainability was very important, his contributions to his community made a visible difference and would encourage others to step up and do something different. He was fulfilling a plan, it didn't matter who knew him, or that his name was a local household name.

His music echoed his environment, but it also spread his message of entrepreneurship and the importance of planning for the long-term. A strip mall was a business model for the future of his ’hood and his second home.

On March 31st at approximately 3:20 pm Ermias Joseph Asghedom aka Nipsey Hussle life was taken and he became an Icon instantly, people all over world is mourning the loss of such a beautiful person. Sadly, he know nothing about what is taking place, how big his name and legacy has grown over the last few days. As he rest peacefully, the world is trying to come to grips of why did this happen? We will probably never know the truth and why, but what we can do is come together in unity and continue to build upon a legacy that was meant for the people of the community. He wanted to help others by teaching them about entrepreneurship, ownership, giving back, helping others and building business models.

To do our part in continuing his legacy and giving back Shoe Drive Worldwide will be donating shoes to his elementary school 59th Street Elementary School.

We collect and donate new shoes and socks to give to children in the communities of Southeast San Diego and to those in need. August -17-2019

May the hearts and the pain be healed and change the way we move in the hood's we live and come from. Nip never stop sending vibes, spiritual love and guidance to the ones who believe in the dream of change. #MAYYOURSPIRITRESTINCRENSHAW

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