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Stepp'n N2 Shoes


Shoe Drive WorldWide mission is to provide disadvantaged children, disabled veterans, homebound senior citizens and homeless people in crisis with shoes, socks, and necessities as well as other items deemed essential for good health and a better life.


It is our vision to help curve the visible signs of poverty so we can best improve the lives of the families, individuals, and communities.


Shoe Drive World Wide love volunteers and have volunteer opportunities available to our community partners! Each of our shoe and winter clothing distribution events need volunteers who will assist in distributing and helping each client select a proper fitting pair of shoes. We’re always happy to have new volunteer groups to help us to help others!

We try to host most our events indoors and there may be a few outdoors, we try to have them inside when the weather is really hot or cold but it is not guaranteed.  Distributions are active and physically-demanding lots of standing, bending and kneeling! There are NO "sit-down" opportunities. Volunteers must dress appropriately and be willing to stand long periods of time. (Please Wear Toe - Closed Shoes)


We do not have volunteer opportunities for minors under the age of 15, even when accompanied by an adult.  Minors age 15-17and companied by an adult may volunteer but are restricted to activities such as assisting with shoes, sorting, setup and breakdown etc. SDWW accepts teen volunteers only fulfilling school mandated community service. 

Our Volunteer Opportunities:
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Shoe Drive World Wide. We  hosts two main  events per year one in the summer and the other during the winter. We also host small events throughout the year. All our volunteer registrations with our organization is done through our online sign up portal which we will send in form of a email with all the information for the event.

 "JOIN OUR MAILING LIST" add your email address below and you will receive emails of our volunteer opportunities and other information about SDWW,  Mark volunteer opportunities and we will then send volunteer opportunities via email. If you wish to participate and meet the specified details for each event, then follow the link to register as a volunteer for that particular event. You may unsubscribe at any time by simply hitting the unsubscribe button at the bottom of our emails sent.


Cancellation Policy
Please cancel within at least 24 hours  when cancelling their volunteer commitment. Individuals are allowed three cancellations within the  year. After the third cancellation, individuals will no longer be permitted to register as a volunteer with SDWW.


No-Show Policy
Registered volunteers whom cancel within 24 hours of an event as well as volunteers who fail to show for their scheduled volunteer commitment will be a "no-show volunteer." Individuals who no-show two times , will no longer be permitted to register as a volunteer with SDWW. We take our volunteer services seriously!

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